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What Customers Say . . . .

"High Quality Reeds and Great Service"

Thank you very much for the reeds which I ordered on Thursday and received on Friday. I don’t normally write reviews but just wanted to say that I have used Rico’s and Vandorren’s in the past and the quality, tone and sound of yours are far suited to my Tenor sax and playing than any of the branded names. I played all day yesterday in the orchestra pit as a baptism of fire for it and immediately got another gig! Just sounded so smooth and lovely. It was a great buy and such an amazing price too. So thank you very much – I will tell everybody who is interested about! Very very impressed. Kind regards, Georgina Della-Valle


I bought some of your 1.5 Tenor sax reeds yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised when they dropped onto the doormat an hour ago. This surprise was surpassed and turned into amazement when I tried them. I took off a Hemke that I'd been 'breaking in' for a gig on Saturday - I've put it back in the box. The first reed out of the envelope is staying on my sax, I can't believe the quality, I'm an experienced intermediate player and I haven't experienced such a revelation without a mouthpiece or horn change. Seriously impressed, J.Tehan

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