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About Us

Steve Barnes, Designer, Engineer and Professional Musician of over forty years standing, is responsible for designing and overseeing all aspects in the production of our Premium Quality reeds. His vast experience and superior knowledge of all things reed related ensures satisfaction for the most demanding and discerning of musicians from professionals to absolute beginners. Leading Reed Players throughout the UK have also been actively involved in the development of these fine reeds. is a part of County Instruments.

Reeds are hand-cut from a selection of the World’s finest seasoned cane in accordance with Steve’s precise specification. Meticulous random inspection during production ensures that optimum quality control standards are maintained.

Our reeds are marketed under the brand name of and the only way to buy them is via this website. Minimal overheads, creative packaging to reduce postage and cost effective manufacturing processes enables musicians of all abilities to obtain consistently high quality reeds at the best possible prices. Orders received by 2pm are despatched the same day by first class post to anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Extensive market research and testing of reeds by Clarinettist and Saxophonists of all types and styles during the past year across the entire musical spectrum confirmed our belief that this objective was achieved. The response from every musician was, without exception, a positive one.

Tony Carter, professional Clarinet and Sax player ex BBC and The Chris Barber Band says “Quality has to be our first consideration and is of the highest consistent quality; their price being a very big cherry on the cake”.

Chris Waters, winner of the 2009 Classic FM UK Peripatetic Music Teacher of the Year award at The Royal Albert Hall in November said “ provide the highest quality reeds at a price that even my pupils can afford – gone are the days of having compromise quality and price”.

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