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High Quality Affordable Reeds
Shipped Anywhere in the World

Annual Company Holiday

We're on holiday from Thursday 28th September until Sunday 15th October

Orders received by 10am on Wednesday 27th September will be sent that day and orders received after that will be sent on Monday 16th October

Are you a saxophone or clarinet player looking for the perfect reed? Look no further than our hand-cut reeds from a selection of the world’s finest seasoned cane. Our reeds have been meticulously inspected during production to ensure that high quality standards are maintained. And don’t just take our word for it – market research of our reeds by clarinettists and saxophone players across the entire musical spectrum has confirmed that our objective has been achieved.

Don’t leave your saxophone or clarinet performance to chance – our reeds will ensure you have the best experience possible. They are affordable, convenient to order with worldwide delivery and offer a superior playing experience.

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They are significantly better value for money than the reeds we were buying locally and we will be buying more when we start running low. - Sean

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